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The European Union limits may have internal injuries of Huaguang V

Update Time:2012.08.03 News Sources:sunyosolar

According to the individual European solar cell companies to actively promote Chinese products to bring trade remedy investigation application. Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang said in response, " if the EU on China PV product restrictions, we think will benefit the European Photovoltaic Industry on the lower reaches of the overall development, is not conducive to the EU low-carbon strategy forward, is not conducive to both solar battery enterprises cooperation, lane is bad to can hoist with their own petard ".

According to the German media DW report, European solar industry worried he was going to die soon, to realize their own against the competition from China in a disadvantageous position. The government appealed to the Brussels ( the European Commission headquarters) to help restore the trade fair.

Q-Cells, Sovello, Solon, Solar Millenium, once all-powerful enterprises now have boarded the German insolvency solar companies list, and the list continues to add new members. Only in the past few years successful businesses now have to think what will decide on what path to follow. Eventually, they take their defeat came in from China solar energy products.

From the SolarWorld Milan Nitzschke said: " the competition was completely distorted, we are faced with the influx of Chinese low cost solar battery board, which makes want fair trade European manufacturers difficult to survive. "

In order to prevent ongoing bankruptcy tide, solar energy enterprises have begun to take action. About 20 of European companies to the European Commission filed a complaint, hoped to defeat the overseas enterprises competitive.

Nitzschke added that, for this problem to do something is essential. He was initiated the EU ProSun alliance spokesman.

For this, the solar industry appear different reaction. Experts argue that calls for punitive tariffs meaningless.

The German Institute for economic research energy expert Claudia Kemfert argues that the lawsuit is fair, she said: " the competition is a good stuff, but must be fair, and now not such a thing. "

About 80% of Germany's solar panels from china. Overproduction, price and allowance is cut, the German solar industry to deal with the many adverse factors.

Some experts think that EU ProSun proceedings are unwarranted and unjust.

German Fraunhof Institute for solar energy systems Eicke Weber said: " these panels to produce cost price in sale is accurate, but blamed with intentional injury German manufacturers intend price dumping will have no basis in fact. "

Weber added, the current global output of solar panels is 60GW, and the actual market demand only 30GW.

Weber said, we are faced with global overproduction, that some companies have experienced a liquidity crisis. They are ready to sell solar panel, even if the cost of production is higher than the global market price level.

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